Who is Rye N. Flint?

I reside in a blue oak-gray pine Savannah in Northern California. I surthrive in a self-built $50 off-grid tiny home located next to a creek filled with willow, manzanitas, bay trees, and Madrones. I have a Bachelor of Science in Soil Science, as well as a permaculture design certification.

I enjoy teaching others the magic of mushroom hunting, and pointing out the names and uses of wild plants. I give talks and host workshops on rewilding and food forestry,and  lead walks through the natural areas of Northern California, tying in stories of our past with how we can live more natural lives in the present. 

Read some of my rantings and ravings 

Listen to some older workshops on my Soundcloud page

I am gradually weaning myself from the conveniences of “civilization.” Along with my writing, poetry, and art, I am also applying permaculture design principles to help me escape the trap of the grid. I aspire to start a rewilding center for the Pacific Coast.

I offer permaculture and food forest design/consulting, specializing in urban foodsheds. My consulting/designs rates, in general, are as follows:

– Initial consultation: $120 per day

– Additional days: $100 per day

– Initial design plan: $150 per day

– Split Fee:  If you would like to split the initial first day consultation with your neighbor, get two property evaluations for the price of one.

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